Zomaar wat quotes over Jurgen / a random set of quotes about Jurgen:

A passion for his work, a great eye for detail, preparing the now for the future and a conceptional thinker with mud on his hands.

During discussions, some of them attending very difficult subjects, Jurgen had always a sharp eye for the ethical angles and fundamental business principles, and many times thanks to his input we could make important steps in improving the professional rules.

Jurgen is a highly skilled manager and colleague who has thorough knowledge on Information Security in general, IT Governance and industry best practices, standards and frameworks and applying his knowledge in complex information security challenges. Jurgen excells in audit management methodologies and has an excellent eye for people management and managing communication and expectation.

Iedereen die Jurgen in een opdracht betrekt, weet dat hij kiest voor kwaliteit. Het fundament vanuit waar hij zijn opdrachten verricht is een zeer gedegen kennis van de materie, gecombineerd met een eveens zeer gedegen vaktechnische kennis. Doordat hij vervolgens zich vastbijt in de opdracht, weet hij keer op keer alle feiten op tafel te krijgen en deze helder over te brengen.

He is capable of quickly understanding the environment and he applies state of the art auditing and risk management frameworks in his work. He is effective in discussions with stakeholders and he understands multiple stakeholder interests. Most importantly, he has a very well clear understanding of the position of the auditor …

With his broad experience in the field of IT audit, information security and risk management he is able to give valuable input both acadamic/conceptual as well as practical. I especially appreciated his vision and views during key decision making moments in our audit proces such as audit approach, rest risk analyses, conclusion and key findings/recommendations.

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