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Without further ado, I refer to my Blog here (definitely not optimised for mobile but it is mostly in a form somewhat in the vicinity of English). The blog isn’t updated all that much. After about 1450 posts, I’m sort-of done with posting each and every work day as I used to. But we’re here because we’re here … etc., so will continue at a somewhat more glacial posting pace.
“I have no time for law-breakers. My legs are grey. My ears are gnarled. My eyes are old and bent.” / “My eyesight is bad. My eyes are poor. My nose is knackered.” If you get that, you get it.

And for the rest: The extensive content that once was here, has gone Dark. For a positive reason. The content referred to my business as Independent Consultant. And, per 1 Feb 2022 I am (that) no more. More info is available at this site, and this one (warning! Dutch) for those In The Know (of the pwd). Or at LinkedIn of course.
Maar er is nog wel de overgebleven content van, ook passé, Étoiles du Nord – dé wijnimport en -handel die u niet had willen missen. Zie Producenten en Product(en).

Maverisk / Étoiles du Nord