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Welcome to Maverisk. Besides the Blog, which is mostly in English and here, there’s a Contact page, and an About.
Without ado then, my service offering:

  • Any type of advisory service, assessment, review, inquiry or audit or what title you’d want to give it, that provides you with state-of-the-art insights into compliance and possible improvements in your organisation,
  • Regarding organisational alignment of ERM/ORM/IRM, the latest IT-driven innovation (options), Information Management and Information Security Management and control, IT security practices including privacy-issues, the state of controls and In Control posture of your organisation.
  • As for standards, COSO ERM, GDPR, ISO31000, ISO 2700x, NEN7510, BIWA, you name it, can be applied in the above.
  • Where Maverisk, I, can be hired for fixed-time and/or part-time assignments, to deliver top-notch independent advice and/or reporting, to fill your temporary capacity needs (e.g., when hiring takes longer and you see the backlog growing fast), or to support your respective department its development by knwoledge and experience transfer.
  • With the experience I bring, you will not need to train extensively; I’ll be fully operational in no time if any.
  • And yet, I’ll do my work according to the highest professional standards (e.g., ISACA, NOREA).
  • On either tailor-made or standard-packaged terms of reference. For the latter, an overview with ISO 27k1 / GDPR as example:

All financials ex VAT, ex travel expense.
General terms and conditions apply, as here.

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