3D printing hinting at breakthroughs

As 3D printing will see more of ‘breakthrough’ developments in 2016 … hold it, I mean, hope and want.
Since, there’s still no clarity whether and when.
Because reasons. One of them being: There’s no iPod of 3D printing yet. And people see, and fear, the cartridge costs; more so when you consider your need for many more than just ink in colours but also all sorts of hard-to-keep(?)-plastic plastics et al. And there’s space issues, 3D printers playing out in 3D space even more than the 2Ds did, especially when you’d want to print larger stuff.
And, not to forget, the major, almost overriding difficulty still on the design side of things; versatility biting and choking ease of use.

Oh you may say that the larger stuff will be printed elsewhere, like the A0s you have now (but you don’t unless you’re a design agency). Which would also take care of the cartridge part. Indeed, as it will also take care of the closeness-, tailoring, and versatility parts. Middle grounds… may be off the balance sought.

So, a moron-usable cheap but effective and high-quality contraption could help. But isn’t near the horizon yet. A fool-proof design interface could help. But fools are so ingenious…

Hope certainly helps, for the time being. And:
000007 (16)
[Pray the way you please, Oak Park again but oft missed]

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