AI to detect Godwins

Just as we’re entering dystopia at te speed of light (downward rounding off of the speed of scope creep for creepy applications of the third AI kind) when e.g., Customs are scrambling to implement AI-supported profiling systems — acknowledging that human profiling is less adequate already, and having built in zero safeguards against abuse by the system or its overlords behind the scenes, on a completely different associated line some idea cropped up with me:

Can’t we deploy suitably trained AI to rate, detect and respond to online discussions on socmed (@Twitter, @LinkedIn et al in particular) to prevent Godwins ..?

Because I encountered some sits where the first kaizen steps in that direction were detectable by a human. [disclaimer: me] By, e.g., repeating arguments in different wording, not responding to others’ agruments, slowly inserting derogative pointers to the others’ character (without knowing a simgle thing about them), etc.
When all the talk is about oh how great AI already is with textual analysis, this should be a simple thing to pull of, right ..?

Just hoping. And:

[The eternal cycle of (mostly) demise, or a ferris wheel. This city has seen it all..? Cut short at the Pinnacle at least it is. This pic.]

Changing culture, individually

The thing about changing organisations’ culture(s) seems to never be solved. As new waves of organisational-cultural ideals surface continuously, as if they would even be allowed into a corner of shadow of actual cultural ideals.
The thing about … these org-changes-to-(never-will)-be is that they either focus on the org as one wholistic [just adapt your spell checker to the Truth wh is correct, here] thing to conquer, or on the rightsizing of all required change to … subdepartment level. By the time one arrives at the latter, qua project management, all (momentum) has been lost already. And, it is taking it not far enough … To be really effective, wouldn’t the change have to hook into individuals’ individual time-variant circumstances, to come at the right time, with the right dose, in the right direction? Meaning you’ll have to aim and plan in three dimensions for every fte. A bit much. However traditional-waterfall or now-already-traditional agile your project management, you’ll fail.

Cultural change … another social phenomenon that will, like implementation of societal ideals, start to waiver and in the end bring havoc to itself when implemented beyond halfway of reaching its end stage. Like all political Utopias; once implementation is begun, failure sets in. Like a sinoid function, but with inflation correction to be included. And, let’s remember that Toynbee already pointed out, correctly (other than his delusional opinion on British superiority even at the cost of not seeing others’ contributions at all let alone in their right valuation, and ever so wrongly), that the Utopias were for the dominant minorities only. All others pay not cash but dearly. Same, for organisational-cultural ideals ..?

The only way out, is Schumpeterian it seems.

[Another utterly unrelated pic just to throw you off a little. Again, where?]

Homing in on the Homard

No, I meant locking on the lobster.

Like, what you get when a radar installation has a chicken flying too close in: Instant roast chicken. Yes my dear friends that’s how the microwave came to be invented: The observation that for humans, too, a picket line needs to be drawn around (mobile) radar installations or you get a headache or worse. Not as much a brain freeze but a brain fry.

Which is all OK. But what about microwaving a lobster? Apart from ‘slowly’ boiling it, or wrecking it with a knife, how would toasting one at a suitable wattage work ..?
For one, one needs a big microwave. No quinoa (“Keen-(oh)wah” not “Kee-no!-wah”, please?) in a little [size, not person-referring] midget crockpot size, but full Nova Scotia size.
For another, cook time ..? Food size comparison may help a little but … soft-skin rabbit with sturdy meat is not relevant for hard-shell/many-extremities / soft meat jumbos.

But for thirds, the main question: Will it both improve taste (as the cook time is probably short and intense, non-dilutional if that’s a word), and will it at the same time be more humane than either alternatives ..?

If, hopefully, so, why wait? Hope to hear soon from someone that experimented, and succeeded.

Now, the only thing left, is to find a way to get those NS lobsters further afield fresh and alive, much further than seems feasible today. I happen to know perfect accompagnements

Now we’re at the subject … Has anyone tried their hand on robot fishing – f not ph – like, when you see sea exploration they have these nimble boxes with robot arms, that are either latched to a set of cables including for remote control. Now a) have they been made autonomous qua power et al., b) have they been made autonomous per se..? Because nowadays, fishermen [LBGTQ-invariant, are they?] still go out to sea on their little boats (hey, just compare the boat size to the ocean) whereas it would be better if (I of course mean the bottom dwelling lobster) fishing would be done from the harbour / oceanview shack/house, remotely controlling the collection of nets/cages [unsure what the f’mens’ lingo is for these things] with all the fine catch. Or go for Deinopsis fishing.
So, is this done like this, anywhere? Why not spread it? It could save lives of those not needing to go out anymore, in rough and cold conditions, wouldn’t it?

[Raw, but no fish tank. Guess where]

This year’s fedora is ..?

Which trendwatcher would be able to actually tell trend / predict what this year’s fedora would be ..?
Because it’s a long time coming since the ridiculousness (^2) of this and this and this. Or this, this and this. Yes, all links to that era long past when ‘hipsters’ ruled – the joke market.
As we stand, the last of the beards are slowly vanishing. As they’re almost indistuinguishable from the Real beardmen. Almost – picture anyone without his (errmmm, her ..??) beard and when you see the babyface (often clear enough), you know it is like like forever before, the angst for being found out to have not achieved anything in life for which one would be able to claim (for and within oneself) authenticity and standing. The Real, are just badass. That’s an XOR.
Plus, we’re sure everyone gets the bygone’ness of the Green Egg / serious (NOT) BBQing in lumberjack shirt and brown leather apron?

Now the thing is: There happens to have been a generation shift (or two?) already in the mean time.
But what are the marks? Are there any, or is the post-(half-!)post tat generation undercover, camouflaged in dullness?
And, why hasn’t any trendwatcher picked this up?

Therefore, the challenge. When Dec 31 arrives, I’ll designate a winner, who will receive:
[ if (lives_in_NL) then something_from_here else nothing_just_the_honour_Too_bad ]

[Oh it’s big alright. But when one looks for some particular theme overview, one’s in for an unwelcome Italian ‘tour’; V&A yes]

Blockchain Bystanders

Much earlier, I posted on the bystander effect and how that wreaks havoc on open source software reliabilty.
Sadly, I can’t find any reference why the same error wouldn’t bug the ultimate reliability of blockchain systems. Yes, one could check back in the chain, over the oh so widely distributed elements – but does anyone ever do ..?

Hopefully, someone can give me the definitive reprove/couter-proof. Until then, I remain unhappy.