Bow ties in infinity – and beyond; Big and small

[Or, what goes through my head when I lay awake at night]
Funny how every now and then, someone will remark how strange it is that in astrophysics, everything seems to be at such an unfathomable scale but still, the models of phenomena behaviour are oh so similar, comparable, congruent with what goes on in quantum physics, at the ‘other’ end of the scale qua size (-logarithms), and vice versa. Except for the Newtonian and other interpretations still possible in the former, and probability field / Idealistic interpretation of the latter.
And the two get intermixed. Case in point: Heisenberg particles that give hairy black holes.
[ Skipping Einsteinian / gravitation-wave oddballing for the moment(?) ]
[ Skipping too, all sorts of interesting analogies, comparisons and congruences for the moment(?) ]

With humans sitting somewhere in the middle, looking both ways; like being the knot of a bow tie. Yes, not an infinitesimally small knot, rather one of Newtonion proportions. And one that in some respects, may be more fundamental.

Like, simple in particular in its treatment of Time. Where the two ends use Time as an abstract construct, necessarily included, added into the frameworks only to make the formulas ‘work’. Case i point: in quantum physics, even Time seems to work (fit!) better when modelled to come in quanta as well.
The ‘synthetic’ part of … shall remain anonymous because you know the name is Kant.
Where’s the ‘a priori’ part then? Well, that’s where my PhD thesis of distant times into the future, comes in. But so far, no-one currently or formerly on this planet, has ever given a definitive definition of what time is. No, not Heidegger even in a book dubbed Sein und Zeit. Circumscription, not definition, all those attempts are!

Or is it because we humans look both ways into the infinite (log’d) dimensions? Which, for the quantum side, isn’t, and the other side, well… big ol’ ‘stein wasn’t sure and we aren’t sure that quote was his. Now we have time quantised on one end, and time dilation on the other. Both ‘feel’ – oh how exact can science be – incomprehensible or they’re the consequence of the way ‘time’ works in the respective models, using whatever ‘time’ definition/interpretation fits the model and then conclude that it behaves well within the model.
Then it might just be our inability to grasp concepts at the far ends otherwise..?

Anyway; I’m getting carried away. Bow tie it is.

And what also Ist / Da ist, thrown into this world or not:

[As if from outer space, h(a)unting the down below. Dijon.]

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