Ah, your home controlled by …?

In the race to grasp as much of the market as possible, which is understandable, one party jumps in to create the API of APIs we’ve all been waiting for, among others (since this) in this domotics category.
But … will we surrender even our in-house as-yet unconnected lifeblogging data to one of the parties that don’t have the best of track records re privacy …? I mean this one. With an odd name

Oh yes, I hear you suppress your fears … with empty words, given that even at chip level intrusion and (data) extrusion seems to have been possible, and in the wild, already for years.
So, this one party grabbing your data at software level may even be an ‘improvement’ for transparency … the devil you know (but still don’t see) – how’zat for self-censorship in your house? Even when with a required warrant, will (tending to casual, ubiquitous) surveillance in your own home be the future?

Well, I’ll go cleaning up. With said product (name) of course…. And:
[Preferably, the non-scratching kind … London already a decade ago]

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