Ask not what GDPR compliance your country can deliver to you

Oh well, actually, yes you should.
I mean, is there any overview available of the EU countries’ GDPR readiness, qua:

  • Data Protection Authority: Are they agressively pushing data subjects to exercise their rights (ad nauseam against the controllers)? Are they staffed adequately (by numbers, and quality) to take on the great many organisations yet non-compliant? Have they set their agenda? How probable [reasoned guesstimate] are they to be ready to hit the ground running per 25 May?
  • Organisations of the public sector kind: Do they recognise they have to comply utterly and completely as well? Have they relinquished their unsatiable thirst for more data, and humbled themselves to not overreach anymore?
  • Organisations, of the for-profit kind [large]: Are they in any shape or form ready yet?
  • Organisations, of the for-profit kind [small(er)]: Are they ready yet, having applied the few detail changes they only required?

Yes yes I do want to have such an overview. You have it, or ..?
And of course a picture for your viewing pleasure:

[Feel out of bend? Me too. Zuid-As Amsterdam, of course.]

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