Jobba… Niche or disruptor ..?

Was dealing with the other day. The site of which, well.., still has that β feel to it, which made me wonder: Is this the UX of a disruptor ..?
Since, ‘local’ recruiters seem to move back and forth on the margins they can rob off clients (either side), pointing at pendulums between monopolies (e.g., by having blanket contracts with buyers even when thaht defeats the purpose) and open competition (when the Professionals don’t even want to work with middle men b/c of lack of effectiveness).

And now, the same, but much lighter on the go-between parts and more transparent hence (sic) more efficient. Though maybe a slight bit less glitzy — but those are the characteristics of Disruptors, right ..? Yeah, causation can’t me mirrored (A Or Not B isn’t B Or Not A) but still.

Why am I tipping you on this as you might compete ..? B/c I don’t think your profile will be like mine; you might (big if) compete on the Want side but hardly on the Can side …

So I don’t care. And:
[Wouldn’t mind this as work location, either — minus the trampling tourists]

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