Off the mApp

Suddenly, we don’t hear anything anymore about ‘apps’. Has the world moved on? Has the concept moved onto the Plateau of Productivity already so quickly ..?
It just struck me. As the news broke that 90% of apps will be free. And there’s hardly any news anymore or Top-10 lists of the hottest, on apps out there for any public. Already some months ago, even acocuntants publicized their shortlist for most useful ones; talk about death spells…

But really, didn’t it all get lost when the distinction between Client and Server got lost again (sic), when no-one (i.e., users) did care anymore whether actual computing was, is done on the phablet or on the mid-/back-end servers..? Because of course large db’s still sit there far away (collecting all your inputs…) and presentation is obviously still done at the end points. But the in-between… E.g., I now have anything on the scale from pure browser(s…) to PDF-downloads; independent of whether the content is permanent or ephemeral latest news and weather predictions [hey it seems they’re ever more off of actual weather …!?!?], content size, specifity (for me individually and/or qua SelectFromWhere IYKWIM), etc.
This also means no-one (…) will care anymore about SaaS or anything below. ‘Cloud’ is something for techies, too. The browser, only recently the up-and-coming single app-li-ca-tion on the (mobile / immobile) desktop, the single one that would seem to matter in the near future, has been pushed aside, for browsing – all ‘other’ serious personal/private business now goes via apps, even if those are sometimes just single-page browser’lets. This’ll all be under the hood, not to be looked at for fear of irresistible stupefied faces. After all this, Consumers and (organisational) End Users will all be one; tapping icons to do one’s … ‘business’..? Because I, too, would fall in that category, the apps may better be very idiot-proof…

Oh well one, the app suppliers may want to re-think their pricing and subscription models; per-consumer delivery of a wide scale of functionality (Ouch! Very Old word!) for either personal non-business, personal-business and employee-scale business uses must be tunable, along with price for value. Ouch again; Even Older word. But the way forward.

Oh well two, IoT took over. Apps are into the productivity phase: Rhetoric or not? (The latter, not.) Is it still wise to invest in a career as future app designer/builder or is the life span of such a career counted in lower single digits and should we assume such capabilities to be staple, basic high school level stuff, like word processing without spelling errors!

I’ll leave you with:
[Where original tilt-shift, not the kindergarten (?) phone minitiaturisation kind but the  perspective correction sort, may still help. In a sublimated way, too. Vienna]

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