Plusquote: R&R

Never let a good opportunity for R&R go to waste

Which goes on the back of ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’ which s true, but negative as it relies on crises to turn up as the best (not the only …) opportunities to get change done. But now, tries to turn it to the positive, (truly hedonistic with an epicurean twist) enjoyable by way of the proper mix of carpe diem due to memento mori. As one doesn’t know when one will die; a great many being caught short of having lived as they postponed all purpose of life by ‘saving’ that for later, always for later. Hence the balance will need to be tried, not wasting, not spending it all but also not shirking from opportunities to enjoy.
Hence a side remark that the plusquote is quite absolute whereas its application needs some ‘risk management’ balancing (including personal quality perception/prediction) but hey, that takes the fun out of the shorthand.

Oh; some may not have gotten the memo that R&R (R ‘n R) isn’t about rock and roll or so, but about Rest and Recreation. Or Rest and Restoration, whatever floats your boat.

Talking about boats … (??):
[Ship not boat! Not too much for pleasure, originally …; Baltimore again]

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