Proud to Produce

Ah, the information age! Where we have lost the pride of our production. For several reasons.
First, no more physical products come from or through our hands, it’s just bits — they say ..! — somewhere around the world; not necessarily even at the office building we’re at, neatly stacked as intensive farm livestock. What do we have to show for our work?
Also, there’s the lack of hand work. Typing and yakking is not work, it’s just what it is; fingertip exercise at most. Let alone real physical work.
Then, there’s the mirage of production. Ours (isn’t but also) has no weight; and is gone in nanoseconds. Without a trace unless one is carefully crafted into the ‘process’ (Newspeak alert!).
Finally, there’s no the loss of meaning of what we produce. Nothing to show for, all the toils are mental, and come down to biting the bullet through time, of loss of freedom, independence, crushed under the overhead of ‘TLD’ and similar ploys, some (needn’t repeat) bordering on any side of the psychologically if not also ethically criminal.

Yes, massive daycare industries we have. Hardly anything more. Are we on the Blue Pill all, has The System already taken over ..? Is this the rosy picture of the Singularity?

Before I ramble on on the negative…:
[Healing colours, VUmc]

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