Recruiters using AI

Recruiters using AI isn’t that new, is it? We hear a lot about it, despite they keep using that word (here). Mostly, the “AI” quod non seems to be applied to, rather dumb and dumber, word matching in CVs vv requirements, tossing out all that have copypasted too little. Like, the ones that actually are somebody, are not drones of the most dehumanised kind. Does ‘perverse results’ mean what I think it means? The cure is worse, far worse in effectiveness of results than the problem.

But then, I am a Positivarian all the way, as you know me.
What graduate student will pilot a system that flips the coin(s) and actually starts at the right end?
The right end being, tadaa!

Use AI to scan and classify vacancies / job requirements to establish the Bullshit Job coefficient, of sorts.

Per this gem. Not little gem. Treasure! This way.
And then of course assuring no serious (sic) job candidate sees the vacancy anywhere. Of course, this may leave way too many takers as the ‘serious’ may (prove to) be a minority. But that will fix itself as the Selector improves itself, even overcoming adversarial example game play by HR. That would require some in HR to have quite some skills in anything, that being a contradictio ..?

So, any takers to improve the recruitment world (and consequently / logically and in time following that, the entire organisational world) by rejecting BS jobs from very consideration …?

For the fun of it:

[The HR circus still playing at ground level, real business continues aloft; Zuid-As]

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