You do NOT want AI

As was in some recent waste of power/time by marketing apparently-dunces, “… like Neural Networks, Polymorhic [sic] Sensors, Machine Awareness and Automated Data Monitoring. These techniques all use AI.”
OK. If you believe that, you’ll believe anything. Like, elected presidents are better than monarchies – have a look around the world and weep.

The point being,
a. ‘AI’ is what is still outside any machine’s abilities however complex, by definition. All that machines do, is ML. Yes, even ‘Watson’ (which is …!?) beating humans at Jeopardy is but a flimsy, pathetically failed attempt at a Turing test. [I don’t mean this one.] The missing part is not even that training is on past data (sic) and the future is by sheer logic different from that, but the also missing part, huge, is Random Context. ‘AI’ is still trained in closed environments, including supervision over Right and Wrong outcomes even if through automated learning from feedback loops. Indeed, not Good and Evil even ..! But then, you haven’t understood Nietzsche did you? And remember these quotes, relevant when you see it. Returning to the subject, context is still King [heh], and differentiates the Artificial, the Machine Learning, from the I of Intelligence. The latter ai’s have it. All, and yes I mean ALL, current-day software is insufficiently context-aware or, if approaching context awareness [much like we on Earth approach Proxima Centauri – yeah, not much effect, eh?] like in ‘autos‘ still much too little so (follow the link and weep).
b. … the latter also points to the second part of the point that is being: Intelligence seems to need morals and ethics, that we humans (and your political opponents that I shall not consider under this header) seem to have naturally. Right? Not right as a system choice?
c. Don’t know / not applicable / no opinion.

Hence, do you really want AI, or will you be satisfied with ML that takes over all the mundane tasks that bore humans to death? Not like this Boring Company but like accountancy where Intelligence may be reserved for the human overlords after all. Yes, you may snicker. But the truth is: Your job will be disrupted once it’s rid of the mundane stuff and hopefully you have developed some superiority over the remains. Which is inherently uncertain.
Hence, you may not want this. QED i.e. I rest my case as in:

[Better align with what goes on here; Startup Village Amsterdam]

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