Your tips and categories, please re socmed tool evolution

Just a question to you: To deliver categories for social media tools that I will inventorise for innovation and evolution.
Now that Facebook and Whatsapp are going the way of MySpace, and Twitter and Pinterest may be on their heels qua abandonment (?), plus Google+ still being in the dark a bit and WordPress going strong still but Medium and a couple of others are making inroads, a slew of new tools come forward.
I will post some comparison tables on their functionality (primary/secondary functionality, persistence or ephemeral, fringe or potential mainstream, technical complexity, focal verticals, group structures, privacy notes, etc.).
But I’ll need your input. Both for tool tips, but also for categories. As of now, I only have long form blogs; short form notes/blogs; short messaging; picture sharing; classifieds; product/services reviews. There are more, I suspect.

As a thank-you in advance already, herewith a picture, of course:
[Beautiful Source, cake-style – think that one through (2x)]

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