A rough drive to success

How is it that there are so many paths to success – and not all of them involve heroism, drive, luck over misfortune, etc. …?

Because, for one, we may diss the simply very lucky (by birthplace, geo/socially) that have to do nothing in particular and just drift up, often floating up by lack of weight, not even realising, not grasping the concepts of being so lucky as the only factor(set) and that not being one’s own achievement.
And consider the averagely lucky that work hard and purposefully, and succeed. Praise them, but somehow we all (sic) expect them to be successful (or they ‘fail‘ …!? A single stroke of bad luck isn’t ‘failure’!).

But I’m putting this down out of respect for people like here, having overcome more than the very most of us would stand and still be decent.

Anyway; enjoy (someone else’s good fortune; are you above slimy creep enough to be able to?), and:
[Not All Saints. However …]

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