An ocean of clean, cooling-wise

Just wondered why this wasn’t much, much bigger in the news than that other environment thing with the plastic collection.
This SoundEnegry thing being about cooling with heat. Where we seem to have quite a supply of heat around the world, especially in the longer term. And yes, it seems to work; units have been deployed and even Forbes magazine had a favourable review.

If this works at larger scale too, … then we have a Solution of massive proportions. And think of the event of having an actually useful implementation of something of the Stirling engine principle(s) ..! A big performance, and a huge one to add.

Yes this needs more publicity, funding, client orders, etc. …

Oh, and:

[Before the Netherlands’ North Sea coast looks like this, the Netherlands’ Curaçao Westpuntbaai…]
[Sorry for the analog pic; my own from when pixels weren’t a thing but analog was]

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