Architects’ mess cleaning

By which I mean
a. The architects that deal with any organisations’ data, systems, IT architectures, that align with the business. Ideally
b. The mess being the übercomplexity of the current, actual architecture that many organisations have ended up with
c. The cleaning, or Augias‘ [not his ass] wipe.

The latter seems to be problematic everywhere; ones just don’t know where to start or how to beat the head start of the chaos, that continues to deepen, Mandelbrot-set style, at ever increasing speeds [sort of, let’s not overly FUD here].
Which made me think of a Giant’s ideas when it came to coping with complexity of organisations. Four directions of coping mechanisms. May be translatable (! that will have to be done in deep, deep style, not just find&replace some terms) to the ‘architecture’ world. Just have a look at the summary here, or delve up the original. And study. And study some more. And study hard. Then, maybe see what I was aiming for.

Then, you’ll be ready for:

[What a monument; the Aubette, Nancy]

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