Buckminster Fuller for Better Futures – innovation from the past

Note’let: How would the world innovate, if we had paid better attention to what some of the great ones had to prophesize about our past/present ..?

As illustrated by the already onto himself most agreeable futurist Ross Dawson in this piece, on the above and his list in general. When we read now what laid in store for us, wouldn’t we have been better off if we had taken the sources and pointers from those, and tried to implement them, rather than finding out now what we could have known and achieved earlier in time?

Of course we learn from history that we don’t learn from history, mainly because history does repeat but in ways we don’t recognize.
But also because we apparently don’t want to take the wise insights that do get formulated into actual implementations.
We don’t learn the lessons that get spelled out for us. And we all know:
Lessons are repeated until they are learned.

May we learn now, please ..?
And for your learning pleasure:

[Correction of errors; Courts, of Justice, London]

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