C’19, anyone ..?

Hey anyone out there already investing in Cobit 2019 ..?
Just wanted to know.

Since the core management picture still looks like it did before; not much news there. But the packaging of its use, much improved.
Yes, I wasn’t a fan of the model before. But am slowly warming up to it. Minus the mirage of the standard (process, content) but plus the risk angle. Big-time-minus the Value vague’ry, little plus global push [that runs counter my mirage mention].

Oh, by the way; where’s Strategy, moreover, where’s Culture …!? Since this. And Von Moltke’s on strategic planning. And…, and… and etc.etc.
And don’t come with the “oh but that’s not in Cobit, that’s in GEIT” or so. If, not too big if, you think the subjects are separate enough to allow separate frameworks, well, then you’re in this territory, laws 1-3.

Now then, back to my question. And:

[Or is it not ‘back to my question’ but ‘closely linking to the territory’…]

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