In Faux Gras Control

Remember the controversy around foie / faux gras ..? It’s listed here, and here – though I’m more of the alternative production (natural process) flavour than ‘real’ trademarked faux gras. [At some point in the past, I had ‘faux gras’ so called because it was alternative production, that couldn’t be called full foie gras for that reason – stoopid.]

But that’s beside the point of this post. Or is it ..? Because I brought the subject up to compare it with / make the analogy to, your local Control industry. Like, regulators, industry groups etc., that legally or less so, only pay lip service to comply-or-explain and arm-twist you into comply-or-die(-explaining). If you deny that, you’re delusional.
Force-feed until slaughter, as They‘ll always find deficiencies (almost the opposite of efficiencies). Long-term health is not the goal of the life of the geese / your company, a life of torture is.
Force-feed until …, so the owners/shareholders get the max, not the geese / your other stakeholders.

And the force-feed … is with Controls, of course. That are the things that make you fat with un-Darwinian overhead. NOT for the health of the whole! Whoever wants to maintain that, excludes themselves from the discussion as too simpleton, n00b, naive. No, not even the happytalk at Board levels (of the abovementioned organisations) can cover the fact [if such a thing exists, this is one] that those words are as empty as outer space, or even more so since at least in outer space, some light may be visible.

After your company’s smothered, of course a new stock of to-forcefeeds is needed. Ah, ‘fintech’ and similar startup/scale-up’s; there they come in droves, driven towards the straightjackets.

Is there an escape ..? One (‘s company) would need to develop, most stealthily, the capacity for flight. But once one spreads one’s wings, one is fund out. It seems the only solution is to not be, to not want to be(come), a goose. Be an eagle, in another industry, that preys on the flock. Until that industry too, gets regulated and control-splattered. Sigh. Such is history’s teachings.

On the positive side:

[Some humanity still visible, down below ominously; Zuid-As]

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