Data Science, yeah man!

Some of you may have noticed I like 4-way Venn diagrams.
That’s why (not) I’d like to link you to this.

In particular, see the information flow diagram of Science versus Engineering. Yes this is what people got their PhDs on – since academia were so often frustrated that the few times they got advisory assignments (on the side, for anything resembling real income for the department), their advice was considered much too late and wasn’t implemented whereas when the same assignments were done by commercial consultancies, the budgets were way higher and the results very unscientific but implemented. Turned out: academia lost themselves in endless analysis paralysis and beautification (in the immediate sense) of models and modeling; business just delivered a nicely coloured report with actionable advice regardless of its scientific defensability (who’d care?).

To return now to the subject: Let’s better focus on the details of the Venn diagram and make those specialisations happen (by way of recognition by employers, long and short-term), not try to maintain the über-image [no reference intended].

That’s all, and:
[In a pic, like in a job, you can’t have everything. It has flowers so it’s OK; Bayeux]

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