Don’t lower the bridge … Wait.

Would it impact you when I told you that the world’s mountains all are getting lower..?
Because that is what results from global warming. Ice melts. Sea levels rise. The zero-level is that sea level (average), right? So any distance up from a risen mark, will be smaller. QED.

Or we’ll have to start measuring from some, fixed in some improbable way, sea bottom / land point but that may not be so easy, and as said also not fixed enough. And/or the earth’s shape may change, either being more perfectly round or moving the opposite way, more 3D-elliptoid. What will happen to the rotational speed of the earth? Will we have more that 24 hours in a day, to work ..? Dynamics, tensions in the earth’s crust, etc… all is flux, nothing is stationary: Heracleitos was very, very right.

If time slows down, we might live longer. Or time relativity, or we’ll not be able to live on this earth. Or …

[Heat haze will be, and the fish will swim…; Barça]

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