Duck the bang, for sustainable bang for the buck

Despite apparent suppression of the signals for purposes of bread and circuses, there is a thing called Downturn looming.
Which, rightfully noted, calls for prep. Of the serious kind. Yes, one needs to get an umbrella when it doesn’t rain yet, or they’ll be out of stock. Or hugely expensive. Or be found loaned from a banker.

Not only train [motto also of 323sqn but huh, and this doesn’t quite match as could somehow be expected …!]], which is about getting used to dealing with the difficult and unexpected so that no matter what’s thrown at you, you know you’ll manage. That’s about resilience, with another leg in having prepared evasive manoeuvres though mostly about having stashes of money to be able to adapt when that’s called for.
But also ensure robustness in the first place, corrective manoeuvres that teflonise your organisation when something hits, though mostly about having stashes of money to be able to weather the storm when that’s called for.

In general, read the above-linked HBR piece and this book – almost forgotten it seems when now, it becomes relevant again.
And then, act. Be prepared. Long-termism is about to win again.

For now, …:

[Before the French have taken it; … sorry, this being Monteriggioni or hey am I sure?]

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