Finally, real responsibility’s getting real. A CEO has to take personal responsibility for an incidental security miss.

So, after all the talk about ‘top management being accountable, and you can’t just delegate that’, we see that the buck indeed stops where it should. Or, well, it stops there, too; probably, down the line some others may receive a slight dent in their bonuses (up high) or get fired on the spot (lower down). But, for once, the blame doesn’t run downstream all too cleanly until it reaches the bottom.

Oh how wonderful it would be if, if this would become the standard. Then finally those in InfoSec and ITSec would get the appropriate (!) budgets…

Oh my! I forgot to mention Cyber …! Just sprinkle it around in the above piece, to make it hip and modern as if I understand everything new in the world – or it proves I don’t, par excellence…
#ditchcyber / #wegmetcyber you know.
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