Friday’s Sobering Thoughts – I

And now, ladies and gentlemen humanoids …!
Starting a Friday series of asides.

With this, on Gresham’s Law that is so ill-remembered. Dunning-Kruger, Russell, and many others have pointed this out. [Disclaimer: I’m very sure about all things, and that includes knowing that the said effects don’t regard me]

The impact … All around you. Politics, business, …, any field really where there’s hierarchy I guess (sic). The solution … throughout history, has been Revolution of the society-shattering kind; that brings so much damage to all that are liberated, in a sense. Until the worst come float back up. Ol’ José was right; we learn from history that we don’t learn from history. The summary of Eco’s Foucault’s Pendulum ‘s’s.

Or so. Any solution providers ..? Plus, from this here full coverage:

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