New nav skills

Was reading this article about how some people (men, much, too) just can’t get their brains to function normally decently function in the navigation area. I.e., some just can’t ‘automatically’ find their way around familiar streets and areas of their home town/city, wrestle with maps (you know, the real deal, on paper, by definition: the easiest/best way to re-fold them is differently), and get lost.

Which is (not!) funny in its own right, as it is funny to laugh about people with less capabilities in other mental areas – not. Why do such people positively pride themselves, often, in their failures? Essay question for ten points, in 100 words or less: explain why that sollicits and causes the ridicule.

But here (sic; know where…), my question is: Does such variance in spatial capabilities translate to variance in navigational capabilities on-line..? And how would you measure that; how to a. translate spatial, Euclidian sense of direction and place to the virtual 0D world and b. measure it in the virtual world ..?

Awaiting your answers, I’ll surf to better turf and enjoy not be lost ..! Plus:

[Mock transparency; Barça]

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