AVG is the Law

If you wondered whether (if?) I’ve gone besirk and declare some little anti-malware tool to be officially authorised: No. What then? A Yes. Because whenever you read ‘AVG’ related to the Netherlands, you’ll find it’s the Law indeed. Being a fumbled translation of the GDPR. And full of the lawyers’ stuff on detail, demonstrating incapacity to understand the issues that the GDPR was originally trying to tackle. Of course, these got watered down to ineffectiveness before even being officially issued (and that’s not per 25/5/2018 but already behind us ..!!). So we find ourselves now in a struggle on all sides for clarity and practically viable interpretations – vis-à-vis some specific law. From a legal perspective, this might work; just wait for jurisprudence (authoritative-case law) and all will become clear. From every other of the asymptotically-infinite number of sides (don’t even try to explain that to the eager beavers among various parties), jurisprudence means the death of their organisation and of all employment that goes along with, is built upon that including the livelihoods and perspectives for a decently doable pursuit of happiness of employees and their (extended) families invloved.
So NO, you cannot leave things to jurisprudence, to case law. Modern society has moved far beyond that, leaving all trailing in understanding that, in the dust of ignomy and ridicule. We the People (of the EU++, and of the world affected) need clarity upfront.

Awwww this is turning into a rant. Which wasn’t the purpose, which was   just to point out the irony of one antimalware-maker’s name being now wringed into something laughing-stock [ with an ? or an ! ].
Oh, plus:

[(From analog to digital when the latter wasn’t much good yet) sinking into the landscape, this time perfectly as intended, not out of shame; Melvyn Maxwell and Sara Stein Smith House, Bloomfield Hills MI]

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