No fools – but paid like ones

Before you’re off to celebrate the 11th of the 11th – not as much the /un/official start of carnaval in the Dutch bayou but St. Maarten’s day, a sobering thought:
You thought that all research showing robots will not take away our work but change it or we ourselves evolve our jobs to something unrobotisable and gloriously creative and art’sy, were and are true.
You’re not mistaken.

But …

Also, you are. The future isn’t that bright. Though you may have a job and all, it’ll not be and all. As shown in this scientific paper, you will be degraded. And paid less; the dent will remain as a scar on your working life balance…

There. Or, you prepare by screamingly fast evolving your work capabilities to deal with such a future.
On that happy note, I can leave you with:

[You wanted the fog to clear. To a clouded sky. Well done; Villa Lusthusporten Stockholm but you disconnected at the first 4 letters of that name similar to in the above story]

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