No more cat, up P ..?

OK, we’re now something like a month after the launch of Meerkat. Do we still remember or even use, or was it wiped off the MAU market by Periscope ..?
How fast some things go. Having to be vigilant on a 24/7 basis. Maybe DACs might best take over in the end, indeed, so we can get some sleep. Or, no, … in what way would that work? Users consumers sheeple may be needed to generate content that has more than machine interest otherwise ads won’t work.

But do DACs even innovate ..? Or just develop, possibly prosper (go beyond hockey stick investment recovery), and wither ..?

More importantly, how do the two not point out the futility to move innovation into its limits in just this one direction ..? B/c it doesn’t really contribute to the diversity of communicative expression, does it ..? It’s just Me, Me, Me I Am Totally Awesome Posting This Clip Ermagerd all over again.

Let’s not get too negative. Sometimes, true Innovation goes by little steps. As, here, microsteps. And not really helping humanity in any useful way. Hence, I’ll leave you with:
[Ludwig dreamin’, static at Barça]

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