Socmed spinning into its own abyss

Was considering writing up a post on how socmed (and other sites with ‘recommendations’) in the end undoes themselves. By suggesting, proposing, and timeline-injecting ever more precise in-profile You May Also Likes, people might get more and more annoyed, and will look themselves for content elsewhere [excepting the hoi polloi that are too dumb to see they’re taken for a ride] and leave the platform in the dust. Facebuck as case in point; the more specialised platforms there are out there, persistently though not growing but remaining viable as they are, the more Fb will remain for the unsorted, culturally completely ‘flat’ content and audiences, quod non. The noise. Proven by the focus on numbers, picked up everywhere but in the socmed-sophisticated world where the Others still have the selective-elite strongholds, and will expand. Just wait until the rets of the world raises their education as well.

Even more so when platforms keep their ‘SEO’-like formulas secret, or hard to guess by error seeding / differential cryptanalysis; users will generate ever more bland content, speeding up the narrowing /shallowisation (…) of the users’ minds but driving away all that aren’t so easily pressed into ever narrower filter bubbles/funnels…
But then, why would I care?
Oh well, one can dream, can’t one..? Plus:
[May R come to the rescue against Arrrrhhhh ..? Baltimore harbour drinking club …]

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