Stubbornness kills

– still. Why don’t minds open up, and save a lot of lives ..?
I’m referring to this story, with this one behind it.

Imagine the cost savings if Science weren’t a. so stubborn, b. so completely tied up in commercial interests. The latter, proven over and over again to result in anti-societal behaviour. On a massive scale. If only science would be objective, reproduce claims, and then serve by whom it (?) is paid: Consumers i.e. human beings. No science doesn’t exist for the de-human shareholders nor the some of the latter that are the 0,1%.
Maybe millennials will shift society towards commusocialism. Which is dangerous in itself. Since it may lead to as many deaths as the inaction of science on this one. But the latter is more pernicious, harder to counter.

Well, let’s all stay positive, right?

[Under this starry ceiling, the chance of superbugs being present is … quite high yes; Grand Central]

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