The Holidays

The (…) holidays are all around us. Except maybe in that North-American corner where the 5% of world population holds out that don’t celebrate (any) of that.
How nice would it be if the rest would hold an indefinite holiday, I mean over the Cyber! Cyber! Cyber! barfing that goes around ever more it seems, lately (being the last couple of months in particular). Despite #ditchcyber so clearly being preferable.

In similar vein, please explain:
[Believed not to be photoshopped but who can be sure ..?]

Cybersecurity, yeah!

This is how you do it:
[As spotted in Voorburg. No, not ‘shopped a single bit.]

Yes, indeed, this is how your ‘cybersecurity’ (#ditchcyber ! #wegmetcyber !) compares to the real deal. But hey, if you want to believe you’re up there with the Big Boys, go ahead. I won’t stop you from your own make-believe. At kindergarten.

Maverisk / Étoiles du Nord