No standards

[Looks like legend, but simply (?) is Segovia, Spain]
Hm, the title may read to some like this post would be about (finding) a temporary SO with low moral standards, but that wasn’t my intention.

For the more serious:
One should have standards, but have them for oneself. Imposing one’s standards on others, will not work. Self-dicipline trumps external discipline. The latter will compress the former, or make it explode through some hair crack into any unwanted direction(s). Because that former will always be present, in one way or another. Dormant, maybe, but there.

Hence standards must allow flexibility, or tie down to calcifying rigor that in the end will crumble into nothingness.
Because standards (try to) coerce subjects into conformity, standardization, uniformity, exactly-the-sameness. Death by lack of diversity. Because whatever is stamp pressed into a mold, will have to be something that must function in a variable, varying, diverse, diversifying, changed, changing environment. After the Information Explosion, ever more. To survive, diversity must be restored wherever possible. Compliance with simple standards will not cut it.

Standards must become compliant themselves, with flexibility requirements…

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