The masses – suitably replaceable ..?

To start, “When experienced accountants were asked in a study to use a new tax law for deductions that replaced a previous one, they did worse than novices. Erik Dane … calls this phenomenon ‘cognitive entrenchment’.
They ‘travelled on an eight-lane highway’,” he wrote, “rather than down a single-lane one-way street. They had Range. The successful adapters were excellent at taking knowledge from one pursuit and applying it creatively to another, and at avoiding cognitive entrenchment. … They drew on outside experiences and analogies to interrupt their inclination towards a previous solution that may no longer work. Their skill was in avoiding the same old patterns. In the wicked world, with ill-defined challenges and few rigid rules, range can be a life hack.
[David Epstein; Range – he continues with a psych description of overtraining (humans), by the way, illuminating qua ML-not-moving-to-AGI]

Anyone recognise a. the accountants’ inability to change their so blatantly flawed trade (association, business model, rules, etc.etc.), b. the limits of still, everywhere too narrowly trained (big fat fact) AI systems ..?

Whereas the a., mostly led by dinos, will go the way of the dinos. Though huge beyond big, Schumpeter’s the latter-day equivalent.
The b., obviously, and also a chance to retain the head start that humans have over AI/ML — if and only if [here, desda for Dutchmen] humans move at blinding speed to change themselves, collectively and individually, overnight into something range-holding. Which, for the average human, may be much too difficult.

But you must! Or be replaced indeed by AI. Remember, you don’t need to outrun AI, just outrun your co-worker on this one. Open your mind ..!

On deaf ears. Too bad.
Well then:

[Art. May remind you of life; London]

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