Slotty McSlotfillface

This is your dream job when your profile fits the role perfectly“… This, in a job posting. Unsure from what millennium it was – not; of course it was one from a couple of weeks ago, but then, also from the time that Time forgot, when job seekers had to compete to fill drudge jobs. Had to be happy to deal with these people, even.

Hah. Hah. The organisations that aren’t aware of today’s seller market, will hire the dunces that are in the same boat. Which is sinking without any sliver of doubt, but they themselves may be the precious few unawares. As in the Dutch saying: A ship aground serves as a beacon at sea.
Big mistake. Huge. [Source: this on IMDb]

Also, what do you want; someone who considers the job a dream one, where all one would have to do is fit one’s profile in the role ..? How wrong is that on numerous aspects, in today’s world of Range ..?
Just don’t waste your and all our time as everyone’s joke of the day, ‘mmmkay ..?


[If you know this is Nieuwegein, you know it’s at the Blockhead conference center, or so]

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