Hey how is it that anyone would be able to act surprised when a project goes wrong or even at a tangent, when some previous projects did the same, similarly ..?

As if there is a project methodology that requires [hardcore concrete block gateway: IF not(done) Then None shall pass] to investigate all previous projects’ evaluations, to establish which risks re-occur with the current one, and mitigate the risks by implementing the lessons learned ..?
Since at least, all projects close off with such an Evaluation, right? Or [i.e., XOR] no discharge of the project manager; no pay. Evaluation, months after go-live, to establish full experience built with using/maintaining the new system and being able to fully gauge the benefits realised [mostly: not].

Prince II: …
Pino: Prince II In Name Only;
Nepino: Not Even Pino.

Dunces, all those project managers that don’t do the above correctly, and dwell in the above nepino.
Yes, there’s a few one can call ‘experienced’ – experience is learning from mistakes; ones own or preferably one’s next of organisational kin’s – but still they’ll be the few among many in any project team, and are so expensive that the less experienced are hired first. Because you don’t want a successful project, you want to have the PM slot filled. By a blockhead or whatever, why would you mind ..?

Yes indeed, Lessons will be repeated until they’re learned.
But now I’m repeating this. For you. Guess why.

Also in repeat:

[Yes Porto again. Better learn of your mistakes or I will keep on banging this drum.]

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