This year’s fedora is ..?

Which trendwatcher would be able to actually tell trend / predict what this year’s fedora would be ..?
Because it’s a long time coming since the ridiculousness (^2) of this and this and this. Or this, this and this. Yes, all links to that era long past when ‘hipsters’ ruled – the joke market.
As we stand, the last of the beards are slowly vanishing. As they’re almost indistuinguishable from the Real beardmen. Almost – picture anyone without his (errmmm, her ..??) beard and when you see the babyface (often clear enough), you know it is like like forever before, the angst for being found out to have not achieved anything in life for which one would be able to claim (for and within oneself) authenticity and standing. The Real, are just badass. That’s an XOR.
Plus, we’re sure everyone gets the bygone’ness of the Green Egg / serious (NOT) BBQing in lumberjack shirt and brown leather apron?

Now the thing is: There happens to have been a generation shift (or two?) already in the mean time.
But what are the marks? Are there any, or is the post-(half-!)post tat generation undercover, camouflaged in dullness?
And, why hasn’t any trendwatcher picked this up?

Therefore, the challenge. When Dec 31 arrives, I’ll designate a winner, who will receive:
[ if (lives_in_NL) then something_from_here else nothing_just_the_honour_Too_bad ]

[Oh it’s big alright. But when one looks for some particular theme overview, one’s in for an unwelcome Italian ‘tour’; V&A yes]

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