Homing in on the Homard

No, I meant locking on the lobster.

Like, what you get when a radar installation has a chicken flying too close in: Instant roast chicken. Yes my dear friends that’s how the microwave came to be invented: The observation that for humans, too, a picket line needs to be drawn around (mobile) radar installations or you get a headache or worse. Not as much a brain freeze but a brain fry.

Which is all OK. But what about microwaving a lobster? Apart from ‘slowly’ boiling it, or wrecking it with a knife, how would toasting one at a suitable wattage work ..?
For one, one needs a big microwave. No quinoa (“Keen-(oh)wah” not “Kee-no!-wah”, please?) in a little [size, not person-referring] midget crockpot size, but full Nova Scotia size.
For another, cook time ..? Food size comparison may help a little but … soft-skin rabbit with sturdy meat is not relevant for hard-shell/many-extremities / soft meat jumbos.

But for thirds, the main question: Will it both improve taste (as the cook time is probably short and intense, non-dilutional if that’s a word), and will it at the same time be more humane than either alternatives ..?

If, hopefully, so, why wait? Hope to hear soon from someone that experimented, and succeeded.

Now, the only thing left, is to find a way to get those NS lobsters further afield fresh and alive, much further than seems feasible today. I happen to know perfect accompagnements

Now we’re at the subject … Has anyone tried their hand on robot fishing – f not ph – like, when you see sea exploration they have these nimble boxes with robot arms, that are either latched to a set of cables including for remote control. Now a) have they been made autonomous qua power et al., b) have they been made autonomous per se..? Because nowadays, fishermen [LBGTQ-invariant, are they?] still go out to sea on their little boats (hey, just compare the boat size to the ocean) whereas it would be better if (I of course mean the bottom dwelling lobster) fishing would be done from the harbour / oceanview shack/house, remotely controlling the collection of nets/cages [unsure what the f’mens’ lingo is for these things] with all the fine catch. Or go for Deinopsis fishing.
So, is this done like this, anywhere? Why not spread it? It could save lives of those not needing to go out anymore, in rough and cold conditions, wouldn’t it?

[Raw, but no fish tank. Guess where]

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