Two EV extras

Whether it would be @ElonMusk himself or @BoredElonMusk or any of you to pick these up… Just putting them out (t)here, for your consideration:

First; there ‘was’ this CVT thing, back in the 80s/90s or so, that didn’t really take off the way it might have.
In particular, since it sounded so ridiculous when revving up/down beyond ‘normal’. Now, with much improved electronic/near-AI engine/car control (and travel/congestion forward-looking (AI) car/engine management), wouldn’t it be possible to apply CVT in a more sensible way, leading to (much) extended range on EVs ..?
We’re thinking small cars first, since the fully-automatic gearbox thing will still not pick up with aficionados except the few that keep silent and cannot stand the discomfort of switching gears in the traffic jams they’re invariably caught in — I mean, thus disclosing themselves as pitiful mediocre-management ‘staff’. But then, with smaller cars and such ‘fuel’ savings, smaller batteries may suffice hence making the total package viable..?

Second; I just learned that Teslas and other EVs are lousy caravan pullers ’cause, though the torque might make them perfectly suited, the acceleration slurps (huh?) the batteries empty way too quickly, leading to much insufficient range. When the caravaners hook up their cabins in particular for day-long travel…
Yes, this may not be a Tesla thing per se, as caravaners and T owners/drivers may be near-completely disjunct groups, but it goes for other, less-suspiciously electric vehicles as well. And caravanning may not be a big thing (anymore!) over in the USofA but still very much is, over here in Europe [disclaimer: I’m most certainly not into it].
Also, T is ‘rumoured’ to have this battery pack thing going on ..? So I wondered what the merits would be of building such packs in a way that they could be fit onto caravans, e.g., onto the adze’s (is that the right word …!?) that have some standardization, or make them easy-fits onto the most common caravan brands, and then either feed straight into the EV or be used as replenishments at stops/stop-overs. Or, just for caravan e-juice during stays anywhere e.g. at ‘campings’…?

Well, no thirds here. Whatever’itis breaking out. Plus:
[When garages were meant to be beautiful; Porto — oh wait they still can be]

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