US economic philosophy: Sedláček’s lament

While reading up Sedláček’s Economics of Good and Evil, a side note (to the main line) struck me: Where have the mighty Men discussing the grand combined terrain of philosophy (maybe incl religion), sociology/psychology and economics gone ..? [Books by Quote to follow on this blog but don’t hold your breath it may take a while – many quotes to select/copy]

Since that is where our future will be. After the, with aspects of autism almost, mathematics-in-economics dominance will have proved to lead to insignificance at best, disaster at probable, war at worst. The sorcerer’s apprentices will show to hardly have learned a thing, not even standing in the shadow of the Masters. As succinctly explained in the above Book. What will fill the gap, the gaping void left? A return to normalcy, to proven effectiveness in the centuries-old approach. Hopefully. So that this ‘science’ too (pseudo- maybe? at least ‘gamma’ next to alpha humanities / liberal arts and beta hardcore subjects) will re-aim at improvement of the condition humaine not some shady capitalists’ (less-than-1-percenters’) bank accounts.

Will the change of course, of direction, have political ramifications? Definitely. But that doesn’t make them less wanted, or less necessary and inescapable by nature.
And, will it be awkward to acknowledge that the Americans (errr… US; Canadians say Sorry and hence are excused) and English (hardly UK) will have to truly learn from the French ..!? Definitely. And humourously. As the Author indicates, the French still have their philosophers that frequently voice political stabs. Some even do engage in actual politicks, and return. Right, monsieurs Attali and Minc ..? For which the French may be praised. If that’s a new thing for you, well…

Anyway, I’ll leave you with:
DSCN3512[For wisdom of any kind, not mammon. Think about the purpose of the skew of the picture.]

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