Company’s Maslow

I indicated earlier to want to develop some form of (being: my personal) Maslow pyramid for organisations. Well, it took some thinking, and here is … the very first attempt. I.e., not something simple like growth stages that are a great many around. And are mostly about organizational ‘internal’ development. But that’s not what I meant. Because reasons. One being they don’t map too well to either Maslow’s personal pyramid nor to practice. Where practice means organisations go through rough times as well as good ones, and aren’t monotonously rising (mathematically) let alone strictly. [If that is out of your league, well, never mind; it was just a show-off of acquired knowledge.]

Noooo, no such simple thing. I wanted to devise some hierarchy of being and needs (focus) actually comparable to the ‘personal’ psychological one, to use later in maturity models to be defined.
From which exercise I came up with:
Which altogether I consider somewhat self-explanatory.

But now, before adding further detail or writing up anything pertinent about all the levels, I’d like to hear your comments and contributions. You agree with the level designations; you agree with the focus / locus of attention / typical concerns ..? Please correct me where I’m wrong…

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