When ABC– will use AI, success

So it turns out that the company formerly known as Google, may very well enter the job market. Qua brokerage.
In which it may succeed (it already caused to-be competitors’ stocks to nosedive, a little at least), when deploying smart AI solutions.

Let’s hope, then, that Alphabet Jobs [as it might be called in a stab’let at $AAPL ..?] will use the AI to bypass the most ridiculous aspects, that are many, of the current process. E.g., obliterating the tick box atrocity – as certainly, its own search capability will burn the fuses when trying to find anyone on this planet that fits the requirements for just any job description as billed by ‘recruiters’. Dropping the similar requirements also of ‘having ten years of experience with this totally unknown system that only three current sysadmins can handle and had been implemented only two years ago’, or the infamous but near-certain to surface ‘millennial with thirty years of industry experience, will work for barely entry-level / intern salary’. Don’t say these requirements aren’t realistic like being real over and over again. They are! They’re there, everywhere!

And what does it tell you that ‘we’ may need AI to overcome this stupidity ..?
That Disruption with a capital is desperately called for.

We can hope, can’t we?


[Tomb of the Unknown Candidate. No don’t wry-smile, pay some respect…!; Paris]

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