Wired / Tired / Expired, January 2014 edition

[Classic, yet still modern on the ultra side]

Well then, as promised, the first of my Wired / Tired / Expired jargon watch overviews:

In-car Glass pictures on socmed Hipster beards Movember leftovers
Just because Don’t hide your anxiety (about / , ) lack of self-sufficiency Really ..? Trying to be Wired while being very late ..?
Un-US’ing your infrastructure Revelling at Snowdon-news Forgetting about Echelon through the ages
You may try, of be ordered to, but won’t succeed. You know that, but must act as if you relly try. Isn’t that bandwagon behaviour? Through the aeons, rather; APTs have been around since Man gathered in groups
Blended economies Bottom-up networked SME utopias Wanting to destroy the 1%
Like, integrating; weaving the networks of SMEs into the fabric of Big Corp conglomerates / networks Believing the whole world will one day be only one big mesh of networks of ad-hoc cooperations of S(M)Es merrily workingtogether with forming, storming and performing, without the need for norming or (somewhat longer lasting) organisation Keep on dreaming
Books; ~ high-quality paper editions eBooks Cheapo (hardly) soft covers
The collectors’ kind, or at least pretty editions that are (and have) treasures of culture to be kept, nurtured and celebrated Come on, you download them, but at best browse through them and forget everything about them before they’re ‘undownloaded’ from under your noses… And you don’t read but They track you, as in this. Like the stacks of cheap paper with hardly a cover to speak of
Mix-‘n-Match retro (only the best) OR innovative Period retro Retro medium- to lowlights
Picking from multiple periods on the best style elements, and fitting them together in a sensible way. If nothing suitable is available, jump to actual innovation and modernity, consistently Picking from just one style period as if not just anyone can Not picking the best style elements; missing the mark of truly understanding the styles
Smart data analysis Marketing data analysis Big Data
Using what you have, to full fruition. Targeted, not trawling Thinking that you’re on par with the big boys, but don’t have a clue about all the socmed data that you don’t have Oh come on; which desert have you been lost in ..?
And, for the Dutch:
? Droog Vet
If it were known, it would immediately be Tired Outed in the general press Come on! Even your granny knows about it

OK, any suggestions for next month’s edition ..?

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