Top 2000-and-counting of 2016, already

Because all sorts of hoi polloi pundits are out there, ‘polling’ (quod non, just repeating the meh mediocrity) for the Top 2000 of 2016 on the ray-the-ohw and elsewhere, herewith the real deal Top 2000.
Which of course isn’t; it’s the Top 2268 for one thing and Definitive is slightly understating it. If you hadn’t guessed, #14 is about me.
And yes, it is downloadable in plain Excel, for your own tinker and play, in this file; checked and clean (no subversive content).
Next, a few little notes (repeated from last year):

  • “That’s odd! The usual numbers 1 to 50 aren’t where they’re ‘supposed’ to be by common standards!” Correct. Because I‘m ‘Rekt. The list is mine; why put the Mehhh songs high up there? They’re in there somewhere, but its my list, my preferences..! yes I do like some almost-forgotten songs better, sometimes much, much better, than the expired old hands.
  • Especially.. see the notes, when the clip (much) enhances the song(s). Wouldn’t that mean the song in itself isn’t fully complete ..? No, it means in (since) the age of video, songs with clips (‘integrated’) can much surpass mere songs by themselves, for a cubed sensory experience.
  • There’s more than 2000 yes. Because, already after the first 500 or so, determining the relative rankings becomes awkward. Hence, the cut-off would be random …! (why not 2048, that would make more sense in this digital (i.e., binary) age). The result is quite random in the end, too, indeed; some of the last songs ‘should’ be up much higher…
  • If you would still have some (preferably wacky) songs you miss, please do comment them to me. I’ll see whether I’d want to include them still, or not. Hey, it’s my list so I decide, geddid?
  • The actual end result order is far from definitive (sic). It depends heavily on one’s momentary temper and the memories that spring to mind like Proustian madeleines. And on one’s ability to hear quality. Such is life.
  • When dabbling with the Excel file yourself, feel free to play around with the ranking mechanism. What worked for me, was to first split the songs into bins of about 250 size (designate some song to be in the first bin that will end up being ranks 1-250, another song to bin 5, which is around the 1000-1250 mark, etc.), then sizing down bin 1 etc. to 8 smaller bins. Then, numbers 1-50 get a personal treatment one by one to their end rank, the rest gets (got) a random allocation within their bracket. After this, sort and re-apply number 1-whatever. Through this, actual intermediate bin sizes aren’t too important.

Then, as a long, very long list. With a Moar tag otherwise it would be ridiculous… [i.e., for the complete list in the post, follow the link:]

1 Hustle Vann McCoy Yes, the original
2 Easy Livin’ Uriah Heep To power it up
3 Heart Of Gold Neil Young Hits the heart
4 Hide and Seek Howard Jones Same, if you listen well
5 Peter Gunn Emerson Lake & Palmer Just for the intro alone
6 She Elvis Costello Personal nostaliga
7 White Room Cream Nicely powerful, doesn’t wear out too easily
8 74-’75 (+Video) Connells The video sublimates the message
9 Windowlicker (+Video) Aphex Twins Incomplete, as a work of art, without the video
10 Nice ‘n Slow Jesse Green Calm down again
11 One Of These Days Pink Floyd Hidden pearl
12 Smoke On The Water Deep Purple Of course
13 The Man With One Red Shoe (+Video) Laurent Garnier Incomplete, as a work of art, without the video
14 You’re So Vain Carly Simon I think this song is about me!
15 Dancing Barefoot Patti Smith Hidden treasure
16 Right Here Right Now Fatboy Slim Oft forgotten, defined an era
17 The Great Gig In The Sky Pink Floyd Appealing complexity
18 All I Need Air Mindfulness in musical form
19 Dream On Aerosmith Heartburn
20 You Got To Fight For Your Right to Party Beastie Boys Appealing. Simply that.

More below, like #21-#2268

Wired / Tired / Expired, 2016 Q1 edition

Yes here’s a surprise new quarterly Wired / Tired / Expired jargon watch overviews, a mixed bag again. But much needed, it seems, as there’s much to promote or dis(mis)s.
First, for your viewing pleasure:
Photo20 (4)
[Yes the UFO one again. Still prime FLlW space…!]

DeepMind / AlphaGo Watson “Robots”
For, discreetly not completely, winning at Go, taking the fame flag from this edition’s Tired contender. The W of <fill in the blanks and colour the pictures>, e.g., medicine but now having extended so often into the mundane. See also many earlier posts of mine, as indication that the newness has been lost quite summarily. Anyone who still thinks ‘robots’ as humanoid machines are the future, either writes for simpletons in a way that reveals the simpleton self or hasn’t understood in the first place.
Noam Bernie Donald
Still going, maybe not very strong but exposing the ridicule of it all, ever more clearly. Hang in there, best-option of the world! If elected, the world will have a seriously bad hair day.
Artificial Empathy UX MobileFirst design
Ow yeah! The end purpose of all AI explained: To sell us even more in ever more devious ways … Not even Linux but the nonderstood follow-up of user-centered design. Sometimes in a last-ditch effort even renamed mobile only design. Will go the way of the books, sense returning to common.
Flex mesh work Start-up Culture / Creative Incubator Silicon Valley
Project-oriented and anything staffing-wise goes. No strict ‘policies’, just getting the ultimate High-Q resourcing in whatever way available. Oh yes all the petty boys and girls getting ripped off off their ideas, talent and energy. Dumped subsquently. Does hardware XOR consumerist-data. Both old.
Crypto Backdoors Security
Let’s all do it, transparently, in privacy-friendly apps, or on top of the less so. Will not work Period As if still using the container phrase means anything other than confusion.
Drones versus commercial flight safety Drone deliveries Attack drones
OMG the Need For Regulation! Yes…, why not, exactly…? Women have deliveries, men have balls but as this isn’t about cricket, drones have physical distribution potential. Some. Yes, that’s the first and very foremost commmercial deployment of the category. Now what?
Do Your Thing Disruption The Uber Of
Just read Godin’s frustrum post and you’ll get it. Of the right kind, not the ‘overthrow then what’ kind you m.r.n The shorthand for / of the Clueless.
Caring for refugees Expanding the EU EU
Get real about the numbers, the risks. Humanity can fix this. Easily. Expanding the mess exponentially, isn’t going to clean up. Pronounced ‘Eeewwww!’. Why not ditch it, have a good cry, and start over again with a glacial-speed cultural integration first …!?

OK, any suggestions for next quarter’s (!) edition ..?