You are unimportant

Yes you, my dear reader [can just as well put that in single not plural…] who are in the information security arena.
Per this piece.

Where “It is time to acknowledge the wisdom of the “bean counters.” is of course a fat joke. But in continuation, there’s much to agree with and then worry about since it ‘threatens’ you – if you were/are self-absorbed.
Where in counterpoint, the whole overarching idea of ‘risk management’ is too little prominent. I don’t mean the artritic type of yesteryears, but the modern flavour of a. integration in the ‘first’ line [but then truly; not in lieu-tenants positions but by the executives at all levels themselves], b. the right mix of qualitative and quantitative – not the middling heat map atrocities.

Have you more counterpoints? Counter-counter-…x … [yes that’s points, if you didn’t get the point]?
Oh well, it’s getting late in the day. So:

[A hidden gem behind the hidden gem next door (Bij Qunis): the pumps that drained Holland are still there; Lijnden
 Oh hey that pic again in only a couple days’ time span yes by accident (appropriately or …? ]

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