Accountancy in error

Since all the big data tools have delivered, is, mostly, visualisation tool’lets, and superfluous commas, though, truth to be told, I am an Oxfordian+ comma fan, …
Wouldn’t it be nice if accountants (of the ‘external’, certifying type and stripe) were able and allowed to not just give one vague, all too vague, ill-understood indicator of reliability..? Like, not just ‘reasonable’ [for those needing clarification, I suggest this] or or not. With all the caveats swept under the rug.
Wouldn’t it be possible to deliver a graph, with x being the error margin still ‘possible’ (either absolute, or qua significance/materiality threshold) and y being the chance of such an error still being in the accounts, somewhere. Delivering, hopefully, some form of sigmoid picture. Wouldn’t that be much more informing than just the near-always Pass verdict?

Just musing. Plus:

[Downtown Waiblingen – varied, fun. The Optik being Binder, not blind(er); no accountancy there…]

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