The faster meme (fake news)

So… What if fake news is a new genus / family / order / class / phylum of hyperfast mutating and spreading virus-like sound (?) bites/bytes or more accurately the same of memes..?

Like in: Globally hyperconnected socmed environments, intermeshed. If that is a word.
This would open up a better understanding of how they operate, and how they can be countered. E.g., quarantaine doesn’t work as they are out there spreading before being detected (anywhere), and remedies will not work since any cure may come too late – victims have become immune to the antidote, and mutations will have overcome the cure before it’s spread wide enough. Immunisation e.g. by inoculation may also not work, as one is unsure what would actually make immune, with the high speed of mutations. One cannot block (all) the benign that could become virulent and unbenign, as that would shut down the whole ecosystem.

Now what ..?

And, for the time being, as long as you’re not zombified yet:

[Yeah, man! Unedited pic from Toronto, where apparently the good stuff is to be found at a random street corner …?]

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