Advertisial AI

To throw in a new phrase. Since ‘AI’ in itself hasn’t the buzz anymore it once had, we seem to need even more interesting-looking mumbo jumbo to attract attention of the not-so-in siders.

And since ‘adversarial AI’ has been taken. In a somewhat-right way, though grossly incomplete [the doc behind it, here]. Since the most pernicious, class-breaking sub-fields have been omitted [from that linked piece]. Like, adversarial examples… Yes, yes I know I read the darn thing I know adversarial examples are in there, but not in the way that phrase used to be used (like, ages i.e., mere couple of months, ago). Diluting the term.

When ones are diluting the term for their own benefit, profit,
the conclusion is: We need a new term.
Hence, to the linked doc: Advertisial AI. Offering no solutions, just scaremongering you into contacting them so they can deliver yet another powerpoint-cum-ridiculous-billing.

… Yet again, the doc has some insights, like giving an overview of current-day pressing issues, to be tackled [note: ‘resolved’ you can’t!] before they become insurmountable.
Hey, I just want a serious piece of that action, capice..?

Edited to add: The true use with the true definition of adversarial AI, to be used against this, of course. And:

[No relevance (huh, like, the object being just a little incomplete..?), for a pretty sight; Baltimore]

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