Understanding a model, you know ..?

No you don’t.
To be more precise, … read this. Which links back to my, and many others’, posts about modelling being all about dumbing down complication or complexity, until you ‘understand’ what’s going on. Here, taken to its full consequence.

Also, tracking back and seeing how ‘we’ may think we’re above-average intelligent, not only does Dunning-Kruger kick in big time, but also … Where do we draw the line, where is ‘our’ or others’ thinking so dumbed-down that we cannot speak of ‘intelligence’ anymore? Oh for sure, the line is somewhere between your intelligence and whatever it is that’s going on in the brains of your co-workers (let alone bosses), but how far on from there would we need to concede that machine learning is off-limits (as well) ..!?
Because it’s a scale, and a hard cut-off will fail [for the rhyme] – AI can drop the I. How are your A-systems coming along ..?


[Ugly, or stylish? At least, it’s consistent and it has a great bar downstairs; Amsterdam]

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